January 19, 2007

January 19, 2007 10:07 PM

I’ve been enjoying this period of self-imposed isolation so I can focus my energy on work. I find that music is demanding and that I have to be careful about the flow of energy or it can become disrupted and damaged by outside intrusions. Last night, a song I have been working on circulated inside my head even in my sleep. The melody is quite baroque and I multi-layered it with different instrumentation so that there is a subtle echo of the overtones which results in the mood of a great hall inside a spaceship with a harpsichord – or so it seems to me. More on the plate: I have agreed to participate in a type of avant garde festival in March and will be performing with all new people with whom I have not worked with live before now… The format will be completely new as well, and that is stimulating as it is a frontier. I am also deeply engrossed in the “Magick series” and as I write, this will be a series of 7 but if I am able to sustain development in the manner to which I can approve, that may change to 9 or even 13. I am not necessarily the one dictating this process, understand. 😉