February 15, 2007

February 15, 2007 01:03 AM

The past several days have been submerged in music and text flow that will continue to evolve into words for the new project. I am finding inspiration in my studies of Solomonic Magick, and accompanying Angel Invocation, Spirit Evocation, Biblical passages, and in new studies of Kabbalah. The exploration is taking me into interesting territory and opening passages in the brain and consciousness/awareness. This state of awareness and the resulting effect / manifestation of it is what attracted me to Tibetan Buddhism ceremonies and guided meditation / visualizations. (I have read that in the West, people use Eastern disciplines as psychotherapy. For me, that is one aspect yet the main interest is how it affects the creative process.) Doors open wide that you did not realize were there. It is easy to be asleep and one reminder in Buddhism and in Kabbalah to remain Awake is the wearing of the Red String. In Buddhism, it can be worn around the neck and for women on the right wrist as I did for a year. In Kabbalah, it is worn on the left wrist.