March 24, 2007

March 24, 2007 3:40 PM

Summer has arrived early. Walking provides the opportunity to experience detail that is missed from inside an automobile. A fluffy freshly dead field mouse at the edge of a neighbor’s driveway yesterday is this afternoon draped in a short square of fabric ” lying in repose, ” courtesy of local children, no doubt. A leveled lot where a house once stood becomes a two story 5 bedroom mini-mansion day by day instead of seemingly overnight as it would be if glimpsed from a fast speeding car. My sense of hearing has become ever more acute since the loss of smell from a head injury 6 years ago. The gentle chatters of birds and high frequency emissions from various insects in the woods create a symphonic milieu in surround sound as I walk. All of this is missed from inside the air conditioned , tightly sealed windows of the automobile. The sanitized affluent world is one many desire, however, and there is no romance to either that or nature’s side from my point of view. It is merely the appreciation of variety and the realization that nature itself is slowly receding from human affront to the environment. Gone are the tiny frogs that jumped by the hundreds in my front yard as a girl. Gone are the giant tortoises enduring excited children’s stick tapping upon their massive hard shell as they spent weeks basking in their slow crawl down the neighborhood street to the creek bed. Gone are the coiled snakes and proliferation of multi-colored lizards who cooled themselves by the cement porch. And gone are the 80 crows who ate from china plates on my land every morning. I placed a carved crow pedestal and embedded it in the earth as an entrance to my front door. Hmm. I see today the grass has grown over it defiantly ! ! Is this a call of celebration to nature’s hardy remaining bounty?? ! ! A testament to the natural world’s triumphant persistence?? ! ! . . . (Pardon me now , while trimmer in hand, I go …)