June 3, 2007

June 03, 2007 12:02 AM

This life is a film I am watching. The moments where I become in the moment instead of observing are rare and stunning. I wake up from the sleep that is the film of my life and I write a new script. I am in the process now of building a careful house in which to direct a living breathing awakened state. I am living in it in my mind as I type this for you to read. I experience this house, this reality more and more vividly inside my mind’s eye because in this way I am making it come to fruition in my bodily state. When the bodily state becomes one with the mind’s visualized world, I will be fully and utterly awake. The house is an incubator. As I am in process, so shall the tangible steps unfold before me. As I take one step at a time, I draw my awakened state to me. 2007 is my process. 2008 is my awake. Against any and all obstacles in front of me, I am invincible. The incubation is nourishing. The child is giving birth.