July 5, 2007

July 05, 2007 5:56 PM

Coming any day now is a NEW interview on this site in what is a long-awaited and much anticipated one between Gary Cifra and Jason Savvy. I will leave you in suspense for now. …The Byla and Jarboe cd is going to be released very soon. Also, coming is the medical benefit compilation cd entitled : Let There Be Life which has a new track on it from me entitled : 8MM Sweetbitter. In addition to these releases, I have another ultra limited edition experimental cd coming in August on arthouse Vivo, and I am doing a cover of the song : Late Night on the Syd Barrett Tribute compilation on Dwell Records. My “rock theater” show at the Knitting Factory in NYC from January 2000 is finally in production for a DVD release. I am currently working on a song for the Jesu e.p. to be released in October. There is much more and I will save it for later!