July 19, 2007

July 19, 2007 01:22 AM

So much has been going on that I feel like my life is a fast moving train. All of it is good and I have so much productive work to do every single day that the only way to handle it is to prioritize. Everything is attitude. We can have a good experience or we can have a bad one. It is up to us how we look at things – especially when they are out of our control. I believe the answer is to spend our efforts on improving ourselves and liking who we are and not focusing on the faults of others or what they did or may have done. One of the biggest lessons to learn in life is that we can only fix ourselves. We can only change things in ourselves. When I hear someone speaking bitterly about someone now, I can usually see that the person speaking is actually unhappy with themselves. It is a waste. It is not our job. Our job is to make ourselves the best we can be and to be good to ourselves. We can offer tools for insight but we cannot do the work for anyone else. Someone dear to me once said that I had to stop carrying the cross for others. I have written many songs about the metaphorical carrying of the cross and so I listened with an open heart and no defenses when they spoke about the martyr. I saw after years of reflection upon this that to truly help others, I had to help myself first. Not to take on from the world and absorb/internalize anger and pain and let it destroy you but to realize that to truly be of benefit to anyone else, you first have to take the steps to accept and benefit you.