August 16, 2007

August 16, 2007 01:30 AM

I had an interesting conversation with Kris Force last night about our perspectives now in our lives regarding the process of making and performing music. We are both accomplished experienced veterans ! The beauty of the discussion for me was realizing how we feel the same way essentially. The idea that I tried to convey in my interview in Signal To Noise…the idea that it is about spontaneity and living sound and not about rigid form or stale execution of a skill. The idea that music is a living breathing force of expression and not a dead encapsulated cold bone. To me, a concert is better if it is a different animal every single time. A cd is better if the organic process and so called accidents are left in. Because once you know form and have the confidence to go from there into uncharted territory, what is a “mistake” in music any way? I am again reminded of Bill Rieflin’s response to a fan who asked him if the drum level in a song could get louder or should it just stay the same the entire song. Bill smiled and with glowing eyes said : ” It is music. You can do ANYTHING. ” I would agree with Bill with one caveat. Learn form. Know it. Abandon it. Once you know the rules, you have the vocabulary with which to find YOUR voice. This is the true beauty of a lifetime of being a musician.