August 22, 2007

August 22, 2007 01:36 AM

“Weather the storm. ” The last 60 days have brought so much intense change and chaos in the lives of people around me that I stopped noticing my own and I actually felt like a calm in the storm. Arguments, illness, divorce, change or end of long-term employment, return of someone gone for years, and even death. I authored a song recently called Storm Comin’ On about the chaos pool. City streets. The chaos of my impressions in my memory from childhood of New Orleans’ streets, and the high adrenalin and eyes -scanning – for- danger streets of my real ‘birthplace,’ NYC years later. In my life, I have found answers to weather the storm. Solitude, Meditation, Reading, Running, Playing music, Long talks with wise Buddha-like bears, Being grateful for good friends, good food, breathing deeply, laughing, watching the sunrise, watching the sunset, the ocean, engaging art. Being grateful for the creative process, thunder , consciousness.

X / J