August 29, 2007

August 29, 2007 01:10 AM

The summer has gone by quickly. I have had non-stop projects and I suppose that kicked things into overdrive. Time puts things into perspective and in the face of turmoil I sense harmony and productivity overcoming the discord … It is the flow of the universe. The ebb and tide. This summer has been one of discovery of new films and books. Three book titles by my bedside now : The Mood Cure, Life Power And How To Use It, The Emerald Tablet /Alchemy For Personal Transformation… Meditation and brisk walks are part of my daily routine in addition to hands-on exploration of Logic Express. The incredible joy of solitude , and a crisp apple taken from the refrigerator, and a tall glass of ice water , and (Product)™ RED, and 100% cotton ivory patchwork fabric, and global jewelry, and bamboo in my front yard ,and a special bear in a soft cotton sweater ,and inquisitive young women who want to dialogue with me on MySpace , and the realization that even with all the woes and eclipse, life just gets more amazing.