September 24, 2007

September 24, 2007 11:50 PM

Insanely busy for the last 10 days. Came back from a 4 day road trip driving from California all the way to Georgia to face non-stop work on various projects. There are a lot of thoughts in my head now about the trip, about my stay in Pacifica, about the work ahead. Feeling pressured and aware of the necessity to put aside all but the essentials. I must prioritize and spend my energy wisely. Wondering why people have a tendency to deplete their energy on distractions and do not accomplish what they say they want. Sometimes feeling tired is the body telling you that you are misguided in your focus. When your focus is true, you may find that you have boundless energy reserves. As I write this, I am thinking of the strength and focus of those who make their mark in this life and how every decision can change everything at any time. Think carefully but remember to add spice and inspiration and variety. Sometimes the person who baffles and intrigues and who does not fit into any peg we have observed to date may be our great teacher.