February 12, 2008

February 12, 2008 10:58 PM

Update on activities: ran (moderate pace) for the first time in over two months (due to my surgery in late December), answered interview from a writer in France for a book on Southern Gothic, determined set list for SXSW and Spain, reviewed album mixes again in preparation for minor adjustment to mixes and also mastering, watched film footage for 2000 show in NYC again and contacted Josh G. about color correction, reviewed licensing agreement from Season Of Mist for the album for Europe, completed art work for the second installment in the Bardot texts : Stream Enterer 2 in preparation to mail out the accompanying cdr, bought office supplies …simultaneously pondered the experience of the Rock Gods suspended state of encapsulated reality…received voice mail from Larkin Grimm AND Henry Derek…decided to record vocals for Cobalt at Griffin’s studio, acquired two more buffalo to get to know Bartholomew : StarBeast and Bruno Buffalo who now join William Henirich and LunaBeast.