September 3, 2008

September 03, 2008 12:41 AM

Tonight’s ‘artery’ will give an update of recent personal activities : The art for Mahakali and completed masters have been delivered to The End and Season Of Mist. I met Marilyn Chen. I did two photo shoots for promotion/publicity. I recorded “live” with other members/musicians for the document/collective art project entitled: The Sweet Meat Love and Holy Cult. I recorded more music for The Path, a game being developed in Belgium. I did intro vocals for Cattle Decapitation album : “The Harvest Floor” produced by Billy Anderson who engineered for the Soundtracks For The Blind album by Swans. Two compilations cds are out featuring a track from me. One is a tribute to Syd Barrett on Dwell Records entitled: “Like Black Holes In The Sky.” Another one is a benefit cd on Voiceprint Records entitled: “Let There Be Life”. I recorded multi-layered vocal textures for a new project called Aeaea. This project features Annie Hogan, Julia Kent, MER, Kris Force, me. There are interviews with me in a new magazine called Coilhouse and one in Metal Maniacs. Have been talking to BYLA about a possible future live performance of some of our cd. Bedside reading is the new Salman Rushdie novel , The Enchantress of Florence. While working, I have also watched (online) the Democratic Convention and also Gustav coverage and now the Republican Convention. Of course, I am supporting Obama in this election and I encourage every U.S. citizen reading this to vote this year. Next step : serious attention to my health and exercise. My world has been too involved with computer related work and my body is calling for me to wake it up. Goal the rest of this year is weight training, yoga, running.