September 18, 2008

September 18, 2008 01:45 AM

the time of year that is suddenly perfect for my high energy brisk walks and jogging around the park near my house is here. tonight i had a perfect 5 mile walk and last night i was confined to a dark and smoke-filled rock club witnessing Unleashed and Obituary. one supposedly balances the other and i fully appreciate the beauty of the park after the interior of the other. and i know you have read this before, but i am now busier than ever. i have a solid wall of work ahead of me for the next year. right now in addition to the forthcoming tour for the new album : MAHAKALI -( which is coming soon), i have AEAEA, “the sweet meat love and holy cult”, and several guest projects all in production simultaneously. tonight i agreed to sing on a Scott Walker compilation! I am looking forward to touring in 2009 and creating the follow-up to Mahakali – which I am already conceptualizing and making sketches for. The DVD of my first NYC post Swans show (January 2000) is on the way at last after the hard work of Peter Valsamis on mixing the soundtrack and editing the video. This material has been waiting to fruition for 8 years . I’m so happy to have this performance documented.