November 28, 2008

November 28, 2008 5:09 PM

Cheri Huber from the book entitled ‘Suffering Is Optional’ : ” The truth as I see it, is that we do not know and we must accept with as open a heart as we can, whatever is, regardless. If I am to assist in the end of suffering, I must let go of all I cling to that is suffering, regardless of how right I am or how wrong someone else is, or even how I might be judged by others. I get so upset when people abuse children or animals or minorities or the environment that I hate those people and wish them dead. Many would think of that response as noble, certainly understandable, the kind of reaction we need for things to change. But we know that is not so. Hate is hate, it doesn’t mater what the object is. Showing disregard for those who show disregard advances nothing. How is the world a better place if I become cruel in response to my suffering over the cruelty of others? “