January 23, 2009

January 23, 2009 10:49 PM

From the Terrorizer subscription list. (Yes, I subscribe.) The location of SWANS final concert is no more. For me, this is an (British)/a (American) historical moment. Stupified, indeed.

‘WEB-EXCLUSIVE ASTORIA MEMORIES: “It seems like the metal scene in London is really dying a death.”

Last week’s farewell to The Astoria provoked an outpouring of public grief that could only be replicated by an out-of-proportion non-story on the front page of the Daily Mail, our forum (which you should already be posting on) experienced a rare moment of lucidity and threw up a host of memories, some bad, mostly good on the demise of one of the capital’s really iconic music venues.

“As for best gigs at Astoria/LA2, Swans last ever show at LA2 is up there. Always strong live, but one of the few gigs I’ve been to that had the audience stand there stupified by what they were hearing. Oh and Neurosis circa-‘Through Silver In Blood’ supporting Entombed.”

– Naturalorderaxis ‘