February 14, 2009

February 14, 2009 12:29 AM

Judgment. There are terrific books on the subject of being non-judgmental of others and staying focused in this moment and not dwelling on the past and the nostalgia and potential emotions and even regrets therein. I concur with this m.o. and also with the lack of attachment to the ego and the things that the ego does to makes us feel that we “are” our ego and egocentric “needs” which can never be fulfilled. The question I have when I study is not about the work I can do on myself alone. The question I have is what compassionate action to take when someone else inundates me with their belief system ad nauseam and silence on my part and patience on my part has not delivered the message that their solicitation is not welcomed. Of all the religions in this world, why is it certain sects feel that other people want to be subjected to their idea of religion or the path? It is an obnoxious trait that their so called righteousness is anyone’s path but their own. They are no more closer to being right, no more closer to GOD or non-god , no more closer to TRUTH or non-truth , than anyone else on this planet. In now making a judgment, I see them as obsessive compulsive and suffocating in their complete lack of understanding of what they proclaim to ‘know.’ Wars and misery and utter destruction have come from people’s obsession with their egocentric need for their religious claim to be “RIGHT.” And the more you try and force your beliefs upon others , the farther away you are from the ONE you adore.