April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009 8:16 PM

Tonight I am grateful for cool fresh air and Zen podcasts and the creative direction of my sound shaping at this moment in time as I work. There are many factors that affect my work and through the life teachers I have had thus far, I have learned to hear my inner voice to recognize criticism for what it is : self – hatred. There is no such thing as positive or constructive criticism and those who also easily ridicule another or impose their dysfunctional fears upon another are nothing more than suffocating and suffering energies who are blind. All of this is a matter of perspective and comes across as judgment. It may be all of those things yet those transparencies do not and will not drag me down. If a person is full of rage and all they want to do is inflict misery upon another, they are to be pitied more than hated. See them as a teacher and not a foe. You learn a lot from those who would try and destroy your peace of mind. You learn focus and balance , directing the mental beam. Remember, emotions are not your friend. They are merely a survival mechanism set in place to alert in potential times of danger or opportunity. See them this way and no one can break you down or hurt your feelings. Learn to laugh and be able to make yourself laugh. A sublime sense of humor is a power.