May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009 07:49 AM

Last night we had a good show in Berlin. I did not use the effects unit for my voice at all. I am refining the show and my ow performance. It is all getting stronger. I am writing from Hamburg, Germany. I performed at this same venue years ago in Swans and I have some vivid memories. We played here after recording Children Of God but before the album came out and there was a heated discussion within the band in a long narrow room with a long narrow table. I walked out of the room to get away from that energy. Confrontation was a sign of things to come… Alex Hacke played a show with us here with his other band (not Neubauten) and they had a country western theme and wore large cowboy hats. I remember they did a cover version of “Free Bird” especially for me as a sort of moment of fun since I am from the South where the whole Southern rock thing began. It was pretty funny.