June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009 06:41 AM

I am now in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Last night I was in Zagreb, Croatia. Night before that I was in Budapest, Hungary. Tomorrow night I will be in Italy. I am living in “Big Blue”, a nightliner tour bus. I take a shower wherever the venue provides one. I have cut out all caffeine and alcohol and snack foods from my diet and I am drinking lots of fluids and eating fruit. I feel tired but I also know that it is a collective state resulting from constant travel, intense performance night after night, and this throat infection. It is a challenge for me to be open-minded when I am under this kind of stress. The performances are the only thing that reflect “me.” My patience is being tested repeatedly with the behavior of others. I need a quiet and serious atmosphere when I tour. Everything affects the show and energy can only go to that show. When there is loud talking and laughter outside the window of the bus and I am trying to sleep, I push my earplugs in as deeply as I can or listen to a Zen podcast. I was woken up in Budapest by behavior outside the bus in the early morning. Last night, it was hard to sleep because of loud talking and laughter going on in the field next to the bus. I try to select the people I work with carefully. The ideal musician is someone like Bill Rieflin. Someone who gives their all the the show and then meditates and reads and works out. The shows are coming together well and I am doing my best to get back to form regarding my voice.