July 5, 2009

July 05, 2009 9:32 PM

Since my last entry here, we played a concert in London at the venue called “Underworld” and a concert in New York City called “Santos Party House” (ChloĆ« Sevigny in the house ) and I stayed at The Jane hotel in the west village which I LOVED and I had a weird dizzy nausea flushed skin glassy eyed viral attack that landed me in the emergency room in NYC hours before the concert ! YIKES. I go to NYC in a couple of weeks for Metalion’s book and then I go to Birmingham, England for the SuperSonic Festival where I will do a performance with members of Esoteric. What else? I was asked to do some work for Fatale, the new game from Tale Of Tales, and do an event in Oakland in October for a friend of mine who is in with the suspension artist crowd out there. I am also working on 4 other recording projects now throughout the rest of the summer. AND after 24 and counting does of Oscillococcinum, I may finally be on the road to recovering my health. Having been very sick for around a month now, it would be amazing to kick this virus out once and for all. I think I am the living embodiment of “the show must go on.”