July 9, 2009

July 09, 2009 11:05 PM

Emerging from the fog of illness. As usual, I find myself incredibly busy and have so many “irons in the fire” that it is at times overwhelming. I ask myself when I panic as if ” spread too thin ” – if such a thing is even possible in the scheme of things. Meaning life and death. I am here to do my work. Therefore, to continue to get involved in numerous projects is simply me being alive and doing what I do. If I were ten women instead of one, would everything I want to accomplish get done? Somehow, I believe that the project load would increase exponentially.

On the plate now are at least 10 projects : preparing for SuperSonic , going to NYC to be photographed, completing The Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult cd, completing the NYC 2000 show DVD, a performance in California, Fatale (new game from Tale Of Tales), vocals for a Blood Of Martyrs cd, and …on the horizon …. recording vocals for Vampillia ! Add to this Aeaea and a project with Einar Selvik….