September 20, 2009

September 20, 2009 11:40 PM

It has been raining hard for a week now and it is predicted to continue through this coming week. It makes it very difficult to get work done because there is the sound of constant water pouring all around and random thunder and lightning. Since I record at home most of the time, and don’t have a soundproof studio here, this is not a little problem. Fortunately, several places on the roof were patched with thick black roof tar a week before the rains came. Before the repair, the water came through and eroded a large area in the dining room ceiling and stained the wood floor.

The basement hasn’t flooded, much to my delighted astonishment, and I hope it stays that way. This is really bad and I am curious as to what the result will be for the insects and plants. Usually in the fall, there are large spiders hanging under the eaves and in front of the doors. This rain may bring a lot of insect food for spiders and I am prepared for the aftermath of what is clearly a monsoon in the rain forest – which is what this area was at one time.

I had a dream last night that all the houses on this street came uprooted from their foundation and floated down to the creek and then into the river and then all the way into the Atlantic Ocean.