October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009 12:35 AM

every moment is now spent recording, with breaks for exercise and meals and sleep. the distractions come and i breathe deeply and tell myself to relax and then i begin again. the only way i have found to create anything meaningful is to shut out the outside world and focus on the internal world. this is also what i do when i read a book, see a film, or listen to someone else’s music. it isn’t about waiting for inspiration. it is about the process of doing it regardless of one’s mood or epiphany. i am sure that there are some artists out there who can do it all. they can be social, they can spend time interacting with others, they have endless amounts of resources. i am not one of those artists. i communicate directly through my work and i only wish to communicate to the informed , those whom are already educated in the experimental path. this is the path i have studied and participated in for most of my life. i realized many years ago that there is a vast difference between musicians and the music business and audio expression in the experimental vein of art. if that statement does not make any sense to you, then you are more than likely reading this “artery” by mistake as you surf the web. have a nice day.