November 8, 2009

November 08, 2009 11:23 PM

i’m still buried in work. the work demands my attention. i am in the midst of some insanely intricate and heavy recording sessions. why are there so many distractions when i am trying to live in the zone for awhile and give my all ? everything at the moment has the deadly potential to steal my energy and take me away from the place in my head where i must be able to soar, to find the truth inside. when i am working, the world must stop for the work emerge. it is not a cozy schedule that you go to in your comfort zone. it takes its time. it finds itself when the right energy comes together. it cannot be forced. i have approximately two weeks now to do everything i have to do before i go to new york to rehearse for japan. my goal is to be 100% finished 3 days before i leave so that i can pack without being in a stressed- out rush, for a change. if i had a remote cabin, i’d be there now and all the responsibilities of daily life would simply have to manage without me so i could finish these albums. in fact, i am there in my head NOW, screaming.