November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009 12:35 AM

i’m completing my project entitled Alchemic where i have played the instruments as if they are my voice singing. it is primarily a melodic album and even references my interest in certain types of jazz and soundtrack music. an adventure awaits for me in that i am going very far away soon to the country of Japan to record and do shows. and there is a lot going on with me regarding some exciting new collaborations and the coming year will be very productive. soon i will add both Inferno (Oslo) and Roadburn (Tilburg) festivals to the On Tour section and dates in between in Europe – as well as the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany which happens in May. i am very happy to be playing in Leipzig again. i have great memories of playing there in Swans. trivia for fans : it is where Mika (Pan Sonic) said the famous words ” strong dark sauce”… i see a connection here. ; ) ( see “Vampire Collection” in Oddities in the Products section.) ; D