Decembe 15, 2009

December 15, 2009 01:19 AM

Still processing my third and recent trip to Japan. New York was such a contrast to the orderly calm that I experienced even in the crowded Tokyo subways. The other big contrast was the lack of obesity in Japan. Another was the way musicians bowed to each other and treated each other with respect. Having experienced so much time around non-smoking, non-drinking relatively quiet musicians who can still make a very loud noise when they play, I am refreshed and awakened to this gift. The coming year is an uplifting one and the message my own immune system has been sending to me is loud and clear. It is teaching me the word : “no” and insisting I will no longer be exerting myself to “do it all.” I have overextended myself repeatedly and the stress level is a killer. I cannot please everyone and I cannot meet the expectations of others at the cost of my own health and balance. This means all things that drain my energy and open the gate for illness will encounter boundaries. If the boundaries are not respected, the gate will lock to protect sacred HEALTH.