December 19, 2009

December 19, 2009 10:01 PM

tonight is cold and clear. i am finally beginning to feel decompressed from the most recent journey yet my throat is still in pain and i am still blasting myself with various natural remedies. so tonight i had this great idea: i would mail a few packages at the self-mail 24 hour machine at the post office and drop by the 24 hour drug store to get more echinacea and then …simply come home. easy ! brilliant ! by doing this, i would avoid the holiday traffic during the day. but because of all the rain over the past 6 months, my tires get stuck in the mud by the driveway when i try to leave. so i tried cardboard and small rugs under the rear tires but to no avail. at least rain isn’t forecast so tomorrow i will make every effort to be a “normal person” as the fond saying goes, and methodically get the truck unstuck ! and try the self-mail post machine one more time. life can be funny at unexpected little things like mud. best laid plans … ; o