April 8, 2010

April 08, 2010 1:13 PM

The venue here in Vilnius had a heavy grill barrier bolted into the floor. I handed the microphone to someone in front of the stage and walked around the side into the audience and placed roses into the barrier one by one. It was a comment about refusing to have the barrier between the performer and the audience. I have been able to determine the energy on different nights. We are now getting ready to go to Wroclaw, Poland for a festival. The journey is said to be a long one at about 17 hours. I am not looking forward to more sitting. When I get home, it will be walks and climbing and jogging. I am suffering quite a bit from these van rides and had no idea this tour would be in a van instead of a bus with beds for us to each have a place to lay down and stretch out. Only 9 more days before the plane from Geneva to JFK. Roadburn will be awesome. They have made a special backdrop for us with a huge KALI and my logo. I am very happy about that.