April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010 6:32 PM

As I write this, I am essentially stranded in Geneva. The volcanic ash has closed many European airports and flights are canceled and all hotel rooms booked. I am in a hotel until noon Saturday 17 April. I have been unable to get through to British Airways after trying all evening. I did a show in Lausanne on Friday night and immediately went to the dressing room and tried to get through to them. My plan IF Geneva Airport opens, is to get us a flight that bypasses England entirely since the ash is particularly bad over London airports. I cannot believe this is happening…. I am EXHAUSTED after a very hard tour and I want to get home and rest. I am so tired right now. When I get home, I am not traveling for a long time. I have had it. First the B.A. strike and now a VOLCANO.