April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010 3:04 PM

a lot has happened since my last “artery” entry. i had a wonderful week in Italy courtesy of the generosity and hospitality of my hosts who opened their door to me during the volcanic ash crisis which had left me stranded in Geneva. to get back to the U.S., i took what turned out to be an arduous journey of trains planes and automobiles (and a bus) leaving in a cab in Florence, Italy at 6:15 AM to take a 2 hour train to Milan and a one hour bus to Milan airport and a two hour flight to London …and going through customs on U.S. soil 15 hours later. I stood in 4 security lines in one day. Milano airport made people do that just to check in at the British Airways ticket counter. I stood in the second one – a very long snaking line to board the plane from Milan to London then another massive line in London Heathrow terminal 5 to board the plane to Atlanta then another to exit Atlanta airport. I think I saw every fashion statement and every race of people in one day. i am still utterly exhausted. this was one of the hardest tours i have ever done. i enjoyed the actual shows and meeting some great people and the musicians were excellent but other aspects left things to be desired. and now i am trying to decompress and i am still unwinding and letting the tension leave my shoulders. i have three weeks to focus on other things and get ready for Wave Gotik Treffen and the rescheduled NY show which was canceled as a result of the volcanic ash in European air space. for now, solitude and avoiding crowds and peace and quiet and home and simple calm things are all i need.