June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010 7:32 PM

from the volcano to the lightning: WRATH. One week ago, an impossibly loud and unexpected powerful blast of lightning hit here. I cannot find the words for the volume. Louder than a jet aircraft ? Louder than Swans in 1985 /1986? It sounded hard and sharp like a gunshot but one that I immediately interpreted as nuclear attack. It was so insanely loud that it was like Global speakers overdriven and distorted after impact of Universal force input. The ceiling raining plaster. A tree set on fire and others crashing into the street. Voices screaming outside. My eyeballs felt like they were bulging out of my head as I stared unblinking into what followed : an eerie yet ears ringing “absence”…I was stunned, restless, nauseated. It was full and utter WRATH. It burned out things connected to a power strip in the most important room in the house: my office/studio. I am not writing this on the computer that essentially held my life within it. That computer is with Apple now and undergoing computer surgery. I have felt discombobulated without my stereo, my external hard drive, my Macbook. I will be re-arranging my studio now as there must be measures taken to prevent this from ever happening again. I will focus on energy change and prepare for a forthcoming huge project (involving some people who appreciate my work, some who are reading this)… and I must find an even stronger “surge protector” … one that offers protection from WRATH.