July 31, 2010

July 31, 2010 01:22 AM

I’ve put in a long active day. It is already a new day. It is that “late.” I’m having kava kava tea now before getting ready to try and sleep. Still catching up from the numerous acts of nature that have changed my life this spring/summer and working methodically to get back to a manageable routine. Now I see numerous other things that must be done to the house to make it healthier. Normal maintenance that ideally should have been happening every year yet I didn’t realize it fully until this summer. I already had a full summer planned so it was unexpected and added an unreal amount of work to do damage control over the volcanic ash disruption and the repercussions of it, the lightning bolt and the replacement and repair to essential equipment in my office/studio, a serious case of poison ivy, a disruptive “visit” of ants in the kitchen and the efforts to get them to leave, and then the mystery pest that disrupted my sleep and gave me unpleasant bites. Now after weeks of effort, I have come to the conclusion the land needs care , too and so I am fighting back with cedar chips and salt and eucalyptus oil and mint and teal tree oil everywhere. In addition to all of this disruption, I am somehow working on music and ideas. I’ve learned a lot about plants and insects this summer as well as as the unpredictability of storms and lighting striking unannounced with no prior sign of danger.