January 23, 2011

January 23, 2011 10:50 PM

Here I am listening to the sound of big crashing waves outside the window of this room in Pacifica. Today I went for walks in the sun and enjoyed a gentle breeze and the slow easy pace of life here. I’m feeling a lot better now than when I embarked on my travels 29 Dec. The time spent in New York was healing for the spirit. I feel that I learned to see myself as I am at this time and see things around me more clearly. One thing of which I am certain is that a shield against toxic cyclical drama that goes nowhere and leaves only damage in its wake is essential. No one has to be subjected to the emotional avalanches that are destructive and counter-productive. They are addictive. Beware. Let it all go. . . It is fine to value yourself. It is fine not to be a martyr. Self-love is not vanity or selfish. It is the opposite. Believe it.