April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011 5:39 PM

a day in the life (of a metro area of 6 million): i opened the door to go outside today and as I step out, there is a big long snake with its head up mere inches away from me. i jumped around 5 feet in the air out away from the door as soon as i saw it. finding myself without my keys or iPhone, i wait for it to move and after 20 minutes, finally decide to seek assistance from a neighbor. i walk into the street to see the woman who lives directly across from me sitting on her front steps holding her newborn infant in her lap. (so newborn that the huge blue ribbon is still tied around the tree by their mailbox.) deciding that she is most definitely not the person to tell about my dilemma, i tentatively walk back towards my door and see the snake finally slithering away towards a pile of cement and tiles from my ongoing bathroom demolition/renovation. i then quickly run inside, grab my keys and leave through the door at the other end of the house. exhaling, my destination after essential errands is Whole Foods and something strong to ease my, dare i say, rattled nerves.