July 3, 2011

July 03, 2011 9:05 PM

As I did my nightly walk through the neighborhood , the eve of the 4th of July , I listened to fireworks in the distance from early celebrants. This has always been my favorite holiday. There is something about the sound of fireworks on a hot summer night that is distinctly American and beautifully nostalgic. I wish the 4th of July would last an entire week.

I remember being an awkward little girl searching beyond the limitations of her imposed surroundings. Because of my search for the different and thought-provoking, at this “celebration of independence” , I was wearing a very British “Mary Quant of London” mini-dress with red/white / blue stripes and matching mini short-shorts while laying on a beach towel on the parking lot of Lenox Square in Atlanta looking up at the magnificent fireworks display above me in the sky on the night of July 4. It was very exciting. The thunder and ripple of the fireworks made a big impression upon me as a child. When I visualize this memory, I am also reminded with great fondness of the brilliant Mary Quant wardrobe which my mother had bought for me from the JC Penney catalog. This Mary Quant collection was amazing, worthy of display at The Costume Institute at the Met and the Victoria and Albert Museum. One dress was made of burlap but lined in silk… Smiling now…I wish I still had those garments…. so modern and utterly fresh. A sign of brilliant and timeless design. Cheers to Mary Quant of London and the dreams you inspired in a little girl in the American South.

Happy 4th of July…