February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012 9:24 PM

today was surprisingly warm and i worked from my “outside office” which is a fenced in private area from a door off of the studio. i have a work table there and my network/airport connection has a strong signal. i’m in discussions now with the collaborators for performance in toronto (end of may) and europe (later this year). i’ve added intensified aerobic activity to my daily routine primarily to build up lung capacity and stamina. to this, add : “aeaea” , “the sweet meat love and holy cult” , a private commission , and indemnity 2 …and you’ll get a picture of half of my life at this time. then the house is in constant repair mode and that is enough work on its own. there is a lot more going on in addition to all of this and so i have decided to work on deep breathing and get lots of sleep and meditate on optimism and allow myself the gift of gratitude. push bitterness and bitter people away from you. get that out of your life. it is toxic. it kills. it is a disease. it is highly contagious. it is born from misery and fear. it wants to bring you down with it because it has to feed its suffering. at all costs, run from it and don’t look back. tomorrow is another day of gratitude and an opportunity to breathe and create and live. believe in yourself.