April 4, 2012

April 04, 2012 12:16 PM

when i began ‘artery’ on the living jarboe website, a multitude of social networking sites and blog spaces and certainly a blow by blow, play by play like twitter did not exist. today when i write an ‘artery’, i ask myself what sets it apart from a status update on facebook, for example. then, i suddenly realize that some of my audience do not care for facebook or twitter and they turn to this “artery” journal entry to hear from me. so my current focus is the following: i am busy creating an album called For Gabriel. It is a privately commissioned album and I am so happy to be recording it. i am also continuing my contribution to AEAEA which is a collaboration between 5 women, thus the 5 letters of the project title. i am rehearsing with the musicians for an upcoming show in Toronto on 20 May. i am also currently deep into Indemnity 2 and am pleased to be working with Brian Castillo of some of the songs for it. we are doing interpretations of Swans classics in addition to new songs. finally, i am completely changing my entire house. i have given away most of my furniture, clothing, books, and other household items. i am changing the interior to solid white. “art gallery” white. there will no longer be any color here except minimal accents. i am keeping everything sparse and purely functional and clean. music remains at the top of the functions so the studio space will now have white floors a clean no – clutter interior. this is all a reflection of my personal interior space and the need for purity and a zen like serenity. X