April 11, 2012

April 11, 2012 10:05 PM

Had a great and productive day due to my friend Brian Gray stopping by to help me paint the interior walls of the house. The living room is now ready for top coat which will be gloss white throughout the entire house. I still have another coat of base coat/primer to do in the rest of the house but it feels great to have one section done and ready for the finishing touch. This entire space is going gloss white and then an ebony stain on the hardwood floors. The outer studio room is already getting primed with white and will either go distressed whitewash finish or gloss floor paint white. Loving the look and feel of wood blinds instead of curtains and the new minimalist aesthetic. I either gave away or donated or sold my entire household and am continuing that process even now. Many personal items and collectibles will be going up on Etsy and my new WordPress site as soon as that can launch. The main thing will be the flexibility of doing it myself and not having to rely and a webmaster. The fewer people there are between me and the person who supports my work – the better it is for everyone. I am trying to stay optimistic in what has been the most difficult two years of my life so far. I keep thinking have seen the worst and then it gets even harder. I have no idea why that is but I do know I have a major endurance that gets me through almost anything. Strength. Focus. Optimism. Unstoppable. Just do it.