April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012 11:31 PM

another very busy 24 hours. i’m unable to take on another project. i have zero spare time. i can’t talk to friends on the phone. i’m booked solid. still completing 3 albums, painting the entire interior of the house, preparing for the show in Toronto, working on the September shows in Europe, doing my best to hold down the fort re my life/bills/this house and land, my mail-orders from this and the swans.pair site and still try and get enough sleep to be productive. On top of all of this, I now begin (MAY 1) to run every other night for at least 4 to 5 miles to build up lung power for the shows. i’m still a night focused person because i work better when everything around me has gone to sleep and it is quiet and i can think. during the day, my life is full of the noise of life. big things are on the horizon with moving close to everything i still own to a friend’s house so i can do the floors and other renovation here at Mothercrow House. i will most likely rehearse here for Europe with the band so I will leave my music equipment here and little else. i am still unsure of what the plan will be once i return from Europe but the idea is to rent out the house in 2013 and go on retreat to the Colorado desert and also Iceland to renew my spirit and work on my book. I am thinking about kickstarter for a project with Wardruna and also my book…. Wendesday night, I am invited to see In Solitude in concert and also Watain.