May 12, 2012

May 12, 2012 9:09 PM

i don’t know what elevated the author of these words to being the name called upon one’s death bed. It happened with a good friend several years ago and i have just learned that it is happening again as a longtime patron of my work lays dying of AIDs far from where I am typing these words. I could get angry with God and scream until I bleed. I could ask the Universe for forgiveness. I could give my heart to a piece of music and hope that it pleases the Angels. May it please the Angels. May it please the Universe. Take care of those who were on planet earth during my time who came to know me through my efforts. Bless them and may their journey through the Bardo be one filled with white light and rejection of the demons who would come in cloaks to fill them with fear and misguide them from the path to GOD. Please protect those with whom I have encountered and had a dialogue of the heart. AMEN. OM .