November 7, 2012

November 07, 2012 8:30 PM

Congratulations to President Obama and thank you to everyone who got out and voted. Elections create extreme emotions and people get cynical because they feel threatened or powerless or confused and so they become defensive and sarcastic and cynical. They look for what is wrong and not for what is right. They look for the obstacles and not the progress made on the path forward to a more aware world. We can never go back. You cannot grant freedom and then step forward with chains in the name of your concept of righteousness. Your fear of the more aware world only shows your weakness. We can only move forward. Science shows us that we must accept the consequences of the things people did before us but also accept that this planet is not ours like a car we bought. This planet was here before we were and it is always changing. Someday the planet will no longer be a place mankind can inhabit because the planet itself is volatile. We have inhabited it for many years in its relatively stable state. Yet that will come to an end and the path of mankind will change. While we are here, let us learn tolerance and let us learn that while we will all never agree, the path of individual freedom and identity can never be taken away.