November 23, 2012

November 23, 2012 12:28 AM

break the chain and be free. as you go through life, you eventually get to know yourself well enough to recognize patterns, the things that trigger an emotional response. the emotions then create a domino effect where the old symptoms that you may have had as early as childhood begin to fall into place. for example, the symptoms of a broken heart and subsequent sense of abandonment torment with resultant nausea and racing heartbeat. the reassurance i now give myself and can offer to others is to summon the will power to shut down this chain of reaction by being in the moment and not yesterday or an hour ago or any other time but this very moment. do not let your mind wander. that way pain awaits as a result of the domino effect, the chain. it is a trick of the mind to keep you a prisoner of the past and recycle those emotions over and over again. they aren’t real. break the chain of the illusion of the mind that keeps you a prisoner.

and be free