November 25, 2012

November 25, 2012 12:41 AM

here’s one of the many challenges of life : the bottom can drop out of all your carefully laid plans and your world can then come screeching to a halt. so the dilemma then becomes how do you move forward? how do you make progress? if you cannot be sure of your steps since all is ice upon a lake that can crack at any moment, what can be done? i don’t want to say that the answer is skepticism. nor do i want to be defeatist and say all is lost so take what you’ve got and stop reaching. i think there is a balance and that the concept of flexible reality where you are not rigid on a particular mindset is useful. athletes and scholars and pianists and many other professionals must have a firm mindset. the challenge then becomes for them what to do if something happens to end their career or goal suddenly and unexpectedly… i suggest that clinging to anything at all is dangerous and a price will be paid. i suggest that you wear your plans with a fervent lust or a calculated and cold steel cape and take that step on the icy lake.