January 16, 2013

January 16, 2013 10:49 PM

Harry Crosby died last week in England. He was the bass player in early Swans and I met him in 1984 when I came to NYC and Avenue B and East 6th Street to a Swans rehearsal. Harry was a dashing, colorful and witty persona. I remember when I lived on East 2nd Street for a time in a room at his apartment there, he had a large noose made out of thick rope hanging from his ceiling. This noose was hung form the stage a few ties in Swans and made it onto a cd cover and was mentioned in the British press in the first major article given to Swans and others in the East Village entitled something like “the New Flesh” ….I remember waking up to a loud sound one night and it was Harry dragging a huge car bumper into the apartment at 4 A.M. He was amused at everything it seemed and was aloof in nature. He gave me a leather cap one day that always looked better on him that it ever did on me because he had a swagger and bon vivant approach. One of my jobs on the summer 1984 European Swans tour before I was a musician in the band was to keep up with the drone and ambient noise cassette tapes he used live in Swans. He had a volume pedal attached to a tape deck and he would roll in the tape audio back and forth with his boot as he simultaneously struck the bass strings. (When I began to play live in Swans, it was with the idea that I replaced those cassette sounds with sounds created in the Mirage Sampling keyboard that I played in the early years of my involvement in the band.) I remember Harry fondly. He was very much unto himself. He was a tremendous presence in Swans and I am grateful I saw so many of those early shows. Sometimes, I was the *only* one in the audience. R.I.P. “HARRY CROSBY “