August 13, 2013

Jarboe Tour With P. Emerson Williams To Circle The Globe

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In a decidedly ambitious endeavour, Jarboe is to embark on a tour this fall that shall take her haunting, inimitable music to audiences all over the world. The tour, covering 21 countries in the course of ninety days beginning at the Stella Natura:  The Light of Ancestral Fires festival, Sierra Nevada, California and ending December 21 in Moscow. Covering almost as much ground as Jarboe’s innovative and highly influential career, the Jarboe & P. Emerson Williams tour will wind its way through territories from Sydney, Australia to Tallinn, Estonia, Portland, Oregon to London, Greece to Moscow.

Jarboe with P. Emerson Williams on acoustic guitar and vocals combine the visceral and intense performance of Jarboe with Williams’ otherworldly ability to channel atmosphere’s through his instrument. Fans know to expect a challenging experience that steps outside the boundaries of what an “unplugged” show usually entails. The music will be a balance of interpretations of Swans and World of Skin songs and new material from 2013 self-released DREAMS cd, as well as songs from the INDEMNITY series, which is set to be released on vinyl in September by Burning World Records in the Netherlands.

The announcement of the tour is causing much excitement for many and none more than fans in Australia and New Zealand, for there the tour joins up with Scott Kelly (Neurosis) in what is a dream combination for fans of groundbreaking and experimental music. This is the first time audiences in Australia and New Zealand get the opportunity to witness Jarboe live. The Australia/ New Zealand leg of the tour is brought by the agency Heathen Skulls, who stated in their announcement “for fans of Neurosis and SWANS, this tour’s a blessing, two undisputed legends of post punk and progressive metal live in the flesh”.

In advance of the tour, P. Emerson Williams has released Det Er Stille Under Vatnet, an experimental and dream-like solo acoustic guitar album on which he strips away everything down to a single acoustic guitar with the occasional touch of hunting horn and chanting. Det Er Stille Under Vatnet demonstrates how P. Emerson Williams wrings a highly evocative atmosphere from his instrument.

The wardrobe for the tour was designed and hand sewn by Ovate, an independent clothing line of designer Audrey Cantwell and made in Montreal. The artistry and craft of Ovate’s designs makes a perfect fit for the mythical and artistic presentation being brought by Jarboe and P. Emerson Williams.



Tony Boden, Artery Global: