May 27, 2014

When I was 17, I often wore Nehru collared tapestry jackets and exotic imported garments such as the ivory cotton gauze tunic dress from India sewn with simple purple threads. I had long golden hair then and made trips to the ocean or mountains every weekend in my VW Beetle. Today, I’m remembering the ivory tunic in great detail and reflecting on the day when I put it, along with all of my exotic clothing into boxes to donate to charity. This began a period of time living in Levi’s and white t-shirts, eating brown rice, bathing in Dr Bronnor’s peppermint soap as I showered outside, riding my boy’s style 10-speed bicycle to college, and jamming with friends with their acoustic guitars in a one room cabin deep in the woods as we drank cinnamon-laced coffee and passed a joint. Innocent days of self discovery.