June 12, 2014

I am now packaging every Zen JJazz personally. Soon there will be remixes and an extended “live performance piece from Nuuk, Greenland”! – not on the original set of songs and only available here as download.

The packages of Zen JJazz are zen-like in aesthetic with a brush stroke cover and my name in red stamp on a piece of vellum attached to the painted cover. The words are printed on heavy stock vellum and some are cut up so you can move them around in front of you. Others are on sheets of vellum and include a copy of handwritten and corrected words as I performed them. Some packages contain rose petals. Some contain a small twig. Some contain handmade paper from Thailand. All are unique creations.

This project has been labor intensive and is the result of many months of writing and performing the music to what I heard in my head yet allowing “mistakes” and random elements to shift the songs.

Let go control.

One of the songs uses the beat and feel of a strip show to express stripping the ego away.

There is no ” You” ….

Those who have been following the work for the past several years have heard a change away from heartache and romantic longing to subject matter exploring Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Magick, Global Upheaval…

The simplicity of a koan or a mantra is at the heart of Zen JJazz along with the exploration of the complexity of Experimental Jazz music.