October 12, 2014

We’re getting close. The collaborative 6 song e.p. between myself and HelenMoney is done and ready for mastering and manufacturing ASAP. The tour dates are to be finalized this month for a month of shows throughout Europe 2015. The new format of this website is in the construction phase and I hope to see it launch before the end of the year or early 2015. “Interiorly” speaking, I’m on a mission of rebuilding daily routines and personal values. Upon evaluation, there are still areas I can cut out to gain productivity energy for the demanding phase executing my visual art and regaining the jock in me with long walks and slow runs to build stamina. I’m generally happy but not the “form” I wish to inhabit at this time of my life. More physical exertion is demanded and more brain exertion meaning back to Proust and more experimentation in the visual realm. More release. More passion in the paint.