October 13, 2014

Wrapping things up here in preparation for a week in New England to fulfill a promise. I’ll be doing a private concert for a gathering in a private home. The musicians and I will perform various songs from my history and two new songs from the forthcoming e.p. with cellist HelenMoney. I have three of my most delicate and evocative songs ever on this e.p. and the result is one of an intriguing mix with the passionately played cello instrumentals of my collaborator.

Today it became crystal clear : I’m juggling too many things yet again and wondering how I can come up again with a plan to simplify my life – again. One way is to offer download songs here so I can spontaneously compose work and make it available immediately. This has been my goal for over 4 years now and I hope to finally get it done soon. The obstacles have drained me emotionally but I do feel I am now on the path to results. I also plan on offering the physical cds and records at live shows as a memento of that performance.

The barrier between creative process and the inherent energy of that experience and getting it to you, reading this now, is frustrating. What I want to achieve is the here and now. Where I am NOW and you hear this NOW. I want to present the sketchbook in its immediacy and purity.

That is my promise to YOU.