March 20, 2015

JARBOE AND HELEN MONEY Jarboe & Helen Money (Aurora Borealis)

Release date: 2 March Amended date: 20 Mar

CONFIRMED UK PRINT ****************** KERRANG! – 4K review (Feb 28th issue) “Jarboe somehow turns the simplest moment into mind-crushing intensity.” METAL HAMMER – 7/10 review (April issue) “Jarboe’s knife’s-edge torch songs cling breathlessly to her new partner’s stark but amorphous collages of distorted cello, hissing ambience and mounrful keys…At their most powerful on the harsh but haunting Truth and the glowering Hello Mr Blue, this match made in ethereal heaven delivers a dark charm.” UNCUT – 7/10 review (April issue) “It’s short, and many of the arrangements feel disarmed, with simple, graceful settings for piano, cello and electronics, like on stately opener “For My Father”, or deep cuts like the coal-black drone of closing “Every Confidence”, Jarboe’s voice spectral and detailed.” ZERO TOLERANCE – TWO PAGE FEATURE (Winter/Spring issue) WIRE – review (March issue) “Jarboe’s vocal hovers, simultaneously seductive and accuusatory, over skittish rhythms, repetitive bass and mournful sawing from Money…its frictional collage is brilliantly effective. WIRE – Office Ambience charts (March issue) ROCK A ROLLA – review (March/April issue) TERRORIZER – review (April issue)

CONFIRMED UK ONLINE/RADIO ****************** **THE DAILY SHOW – radio plays (9, 10, 12, 19 Mar) **DIGITAL FIX – 7/10 review (18 Mar) “A harrowing 30 minutes of twisted, gorgeous sonic exploration. The backbone of their self-titled effort is the interplay between the former’s rapier-like vocals and the latter’s abuse of her beloved cello. Never has this instrument suffered such torture, so distantly removed from the sweet sounds it has produced for centuries, yet the abrasive and distorted results are mesmerizingly beautiful.” **NTS DON’T TRIP – radio play (16 Mar) **SIXALOT – radio play (w/c 16 Mar) AVE NOCTUM – 7.5/10 review (9 Mar) “For all its complex charms there is also a wealth of simplicity that makes this record like dripping honey to listen to and all the more inviting and intoxicating for it.” THE LINE OF BEST FIT – 8.5/10 review (6 Mar) “It is the continual playing with modern and traditional techniques that make this record such an odyssey… On the same mystical spectrum as Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, Jarboe and Helen Money have created something both unsettling and dynamic.” AURAL DELIGHTS – radio play (w/c 2 Mar) SIXALOT – radio play (w/c 2 Mar) NTS DON’T TRIP – radio play (2 Mar) SOUNDBLAB – 9/10 review (2 Mar) “Jarboe & Helen Money is a powerful piece of work. The record stands as a focussed, personal collection of recordings that make up one short yet satisfyingly immersive late-night stroll.” CORK CAMPUS RADIO – radio play (w/c 2 Mar) MISS GISH – live gallery (2 Mar) RECORD COLLECTOR – newsletter inclusion (March date tbc) NOISEY – FEATURE (date tbc) QUIETUS – review (date tbc) ATTN – review (date tbc) PANIC AND CAROUSELS – column review (date tbc) LONDON GIGS – live listing (8 Feb) MIDLANDS METALHEADS – album news (19 Jan) ECHOES AND DUST – live show mention in feature (18 Jan) SLUDGELORD – album news (12 Jan) QUIETUS – FEATURE (date tbc) NARC – Panic and Carousels column (February issue) CIRCUIT SWEET – album news (12 Jan) WITH GUITARS – album news (12 Jan) DARK ASYLUM – album news (9 Jan)

CONFIRMED EU PRINT ****************** OX FANZINE – review (May issue) ROCK HARD (DE) – review (April issue) RUMORE (IT) – review (April issue) FULL MOON MAGAZINE (CZ) – review (March issue) NOISE MAGAZINE (PL) – FEATURE (issue TBC) WESTZEIT (DE) – review (date tbc) BUSCADERO (IT) – review (date tbc) NOISE (FR) – review (date tbc) VICE (AT) – review (date tbc)

CONFIRMED EU ONLINE/RADIO ****************** **DAILY ROCK (FRANCE) – 4/5 review (18 Mar) **MUZAHOLIC (ROMANIA) – live news (17 Mar) **PELECANUS (FRANCE)- review (15 Mar) HHV MAG (GERMANY) review (w/c 9 Mar) DOUCHE FROIDE (FRANCE) – radio play (7 Mar) BALKAN ROCK (SERBIA) – live gallery (5 Mar) PLEJER (SERBIA) – live review (5 Mar) NOVA EXPRESS MUSIQUE – recommendation (2 Mar) RUMORE (ITALY) – live review (28 Feb) ZEITKLANG RADIO (GERMANY) – radio play (w/c 2 March) H-ALTER (CROATIA) – live gallery (7 Mar) SWR2 RADIOPHON (GERMANY) – interview and radio play (7 Mar) WESTZEIT – review (w/c 2 Mar) PERUN (HUNGARY) – interview (3 Mar) TERAPIJA (CROATIA) – review (3 Mar) NEOFOLK (HUNGARY) – featured live listing (3 Mar) RUMORE (ITALY) – live review (28 Feb) LIRA (SWEDEN) – live review (28 Feb) FALAFEL MONGO (SWEDEN) – live gallery (25 Feb) NONPOP.DE (GERMANY) – review (w/c 23 Feb) MUZIKA (HUNGARY) – live listing (18 Feb) NEWS SPECALOTTO (ITALY) – live listing (17 Feb) RADIO NOVA (NORWAY) – live recommendation (17 Feb) GAFFA (SWEDEN) – live listing (17 Feb) SOUND REPORT (CROATIA) – live recommendation (16 Feb) UWOLNIJE MUSYKE (POLAND) – live listings (16 Feb) NON POP (GERMANY) – live listing (16 Feb) TPORTAL (CROATIA) – live recommendation (16 Feb) CUTTING EDGE – photo gallery (15 Feb) VINSIEU (ROMANIA) – live listing (15 Feb) FUDDER (GERMANY) – live listing (14 Feb) FULL MOON ZINE (CZECH REPUBLIC) – brief 75/100 review (10 Feb) TOKYSYNA RADIO (POLAND) – live listing (11 Feb) SOUND OF MUSIC (SWEDEN) – live listing (9 Feb) FEMFORGACS (HUNGARY) – live listing (10 Feb) TACKER (GERMANY) – live listing (9 Feb) NABA (LATVIA) – tracks of the month (8 Feb) MILANO-ZERO (ITALY) – live listing (8 Feb) SVERIGE RADIO P3 (SWEDEN) – radio play (7 Feb) CITYFUN24 (POLAND) – live listing (6 Feb) BYTE FM (GERMANY) – live news (6 Feb) TIXA (HUNGARY) – live listing (5 Feb) GDYNIA TURYSTYCZA (POLAND) – live listing (4 Feb) KRAKOW REPORTER (POLAND) – live listing (3 Feb) MUZYKA (POLAND) – review (w/c 2 Feb) RELEASE MAGAZINE (SWEDEN) – live listing (w/c 2 Feb) NONPOP (GERMANY) – live listing (w/c 2 Feb) PARTYTIME (AUSTRIA) – live listing (w/c 2 Feb) GIGGUIDE (SWEDEN) – live listing (w/c 2 Feb) ZAJLIK (HUNGARY) – live listing (1 Feb) BAROCK (POLAND) – 4/5 review (30 Jan) ALTERNATIV TEKEN (FRANCE) – live news (29 Jan) NOWEIDZEIODMORZA (POLAND) – live listing (29 Jan) POLYPHONIA (POLAND) – live listing (23 Jan) HIGH DECIBELS (RUSSIA) – live listing (20 Jan) NOCTURNE MAGAZINE (SERBIA) – live listing (20 Jan) GOTHIC (HUNGARY) – live listing (20 Jan) BALKAN ROCK – live listing (19 Jan) DARIODIGITAL (PORTUGAL) – live listing (19 Jan) ARQUITECTURADIO (PORTUGAL) – live listing (19 Jan) ROCKNHEAVY (PORTUGAL) – live listing (19 Jan) 78S (SWIZERLAND) – live listing (19 Jan( PERSPEKTYWA KULTURY (POLAND) – live recommendation (16 Jan) THE BALTIC COURSE (LATVIA) – live listing THE AARDVARK (CZECH REPUBLIC) – album news (14 Jan) VOXFEMINAE (CROATIA) – live listing (13 Jan) PRINCE FASTER (ITALY) – album news (13 Jan) COREANDCO (FRANCE) – album news (13 Jan) PONTOALTERNATIVO (PORTUGAL) – album news (12 Jan) METALORGIE (FRANCE) – album news (12 Jan) CANTARA MUSIC (POLAND) – live listing (11 Jan) SHOOTMEAGAIN (FRANCE) – album news (9 Jan) SKATIES (LATVIA) – album news (9 Jan) SIDE-LINE (BELGIUM) – album news (9 Jan) METALFAN (ROMANIA) – live news (8 Jan) PLANETMAGAZIN (CROATIA) – live listing (8 Jan)

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